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New Requiem by Fredik Sixten

In the midst of life, when it is more beautiful, mature and hopeful than ever, yes even then death can make itself felt. When my dear friend Patrik Runeke first became seriously ill, and then died only 37 years old, feelings and thoughts concerning what life and death are really about overwhelmed me. I felt a pressing need to express this in text and music. 

Fredrik Sixten
Photo: Anders Eliasson

It was only natural for me to turn to the author Bengt Pohjanen, with whom I had collaborated earlier, to ask him to formulate: words of anger and of gratitude, words of guilt and of forgiveness, words of consolation, of love and hope. These words of Bengt’s, in combination with the classical texts from the Latin Requiem Mass, form a kind of testament to mankind’s yearning for unity and perfection. In the final movement, In Paradisum, this yearning is borne forth to the God whom Bengt describes as being: Wisdom deep and loving. Stronger than death.

Fredrik Sixten

Text: Requiem mass and Bengt Pohjanen
Language: Latin, Swedish/English (translation by John Hearne)
For soli (S, B), choir and orchestra 2 horns-timpani-strings(64442) 

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